Your Body After Delivery

Giving birth is extremely awesome but your body after delivery allowing you the time to regain your nutrient levels, hormones, muscles, and all other things is surely going to define your early days of motherhood.

After giving birth to my daughter there was a constant flow of thoughts and fear gushing in my brain. I also had certain thoughts of pride (“Yes, I made it to normal delivery. I gave birth to a tiny human being with my actual body”). At the same time, there were thoughts of shocked disbelief at the changes going through my body. (“Oof, my breasts feel so heavy” and “my vaginal stitches hurt a lot “and “FFS, would I be able to get back to and enjoy my life like before”).

Are you also going through the same series of thoughts and emotions like I had been? We all are sailing in the same boat 😉 Here’s the cheat sheet regarding the changes that your body undergoes post-delivery.

Brain and Hormones

It is not surprising you don’t feel like the previous version of you – your life has taken a drastic shift and so your hormones. Right after giving birth your estrogen and progesterone levels drop largely which contributes to baby blues (mood swings, anxiety, sadness, or irritability which resolves after 6 weeks post-delivery) and postpartum depression (give blog link).

Vitamins and Minerals

Feeling shaky and tired is most common in the first few weeks after delivery. These symptoms can also be linked to low iron levels. Post-delivery continues to take your iron and calcium pills for at least six months or until you are breastfeeding. As you’ve lost a lot of vital minerals and vitamins it’s time to regain the same in the due course of time. 

Change in Breasts.

Those bras which you brought during pregnancy may not fit you anymore. After childbirth, the levels of estrogen and progesterone drop, and the hormone named prolactin kicks in. Prolactin is responsible for preparing the breastmilk and making it heavy and big in size. The changes in the breast size and shape take place due to the increased blood and milk flow. Always apply warm packs before breastfeeding and cold packs after breastfeeding. 

And who knows, your big and saggy breasts may get back into their previous size and shape later. They may also stay the big like they are now. The case is different for each woman. 

Uterus & Vagina

Your uterus has seen a lot of drama in the past few months. Now it has to see some drama in the coming weeks. The fully grown uterus will now shrink back to its original size thereby causing abdominal cramps. 

You will also have a bloody discharge for up to six weeks after delivery known as lochia (a mixture of blood and mucus which becomes lighter and decreases inflow by the sixth week).

PSST, here’s a fun fact: after giving birth your uterus will look like a smile curvy shape as compared to the O shaped uterus of a woman who hasn’t given birth yet. 

If you had a vaginal delivery, then you will be having perineum stitches in your vagina as compared to abdominal stitches in C-section delivery. Both kinds of stitches will be recovered within a month or two. You must keep the stitches clean by applying the ointment prescribed by your doctor daily. Failure to take care of the stitches may result in infection. 


Pregnancy weight had put some extra work on your poor legs and feet. This had caused your legs and feet to swell and look like a potato. These potato feet will now shrink and get back into their original shape in a week or two. You can wear your favourite pair of sandals now! 

Your Hair

The pregnancy hormones had gifted you thick and long hair during pregnancy. But as they are no longer active you may lose at least one-third of your hair. Oof, this sounds very sad, but yeah that’s true. Your pretty tresses will no longer look that much pretty. 

Your Teeth and Eyes

The wavering hormone levels & blood volumes during pregnancy may cause you to suffer from teeth and gum related problems post-delivery. So, don’t forget to book an appointment with your dentist. Suffering from blurry vision or dry eyes? Say thanks to pregnancy hormones for this. These eye problems may stay with you post-birth as well if you are lactating, so make sure to visit your Ophthalmologist. 

After the long journey of nine months, you are now relieved from the big climax. Accept the changes that your body is going through positively and make some feel-good time for yourself daily.

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