PostPartum Depression or Baby blues

PostPartum Depression or Baby blues: You must have heard about the term – baby blues. Having a baby is stressful for newbie moms not only on a physical level but also on an emotional level. Around 75% of mothers suffer from this issue post-childbirth. Lack of time for yourself, sleep deprivation, new responsibilities, it’s no surprise that many newbie moms find themselves on a roller coaster of emotions.

Mild depression and mood swings are also quite common in newbie moms which are also known as baby blues.

Postpartum depression should not be taken lightly if it continues to stay with you even after a few months post-childbirth. You can overcome this situation with proper treatment.

 Think you are going through postpartum depression? Let’s have a look at its indicators which will help you understand your current mental state clearly.

  • You feel sad and cry a lot, even if you don’t understand why.
  • You many find yourself withdrawing with your partner and unable to bond well with your baby.
  • You may feel anxious and sleeplessness may trouble you even after your baby is fast asleep. This will make you feel tired.
  • You may get the feeling of guilt or worthlessness or begin developing the thoughts of death or wish that you were not alive.
  • You feel like escaping from everyone and everything.
  • You have intrusive thoughts of harming yourself and your baby.
  • You feel out of control.
  • You can’t stop eating or you are not interested in food at all.

Your friends and family may start noticing your changed behaviour, and even you may picture yourself as a different human being than you used to be before.

We are now clear with the symptoms of Postpartum depression. Now let’s have a look at the culprits who cause this condition.

Hormonal Changes

#DidYouKnow- After delivery, there is a huge drop in the levels of female sex hormones. Also, the thyroid levels drop which makes you fatigued and depressed. The sudden hormonal changes along with the change in metabolism, blood pressure, etc. pave the way towards depression in new moms.

Physical Changes

Childbirth is accompanied by loads of physical and emotional changes. You may be suffering from the physical pain from the delivery or worried about getting back in shape by losing the baby weight gained.


Taking care of a newborn takes a toll on your body. Newbie moms are often sleep deprived. You may also feel anxious and depressed about your ability to take care of and handle the responsibilities of the baby. This mostly happens to first-time mothers and they are finding it difficult to cope with the new situation and their new identity.

Treatment for Postpartum depression

If you are finding yourself depressed despite having the back of your friends or family. Then, it’s time to visit a psychotherapist/counsellor.

Get an individual therapy: A good counsellor can motivate you to successfully deal with postpartum depression. If your marriage is at stake, then it’s better to reach out to a marriage counsellor so that things can be handled gracefully by both partners.


I would advise you not to take any antidepressants on your own. Ask your doctor and take only prescribed medication. Since you are a breastfeeding mom, so it’s significant to take care of all the things that you eat or drink.

How assist your wife/partner to overcome post-partum depression?

  • Encourage her to talk about her feelings. Make her feel at ease and comfy.
  • Chip out the household chores & childcare responsibilities by yourself even before she asks for.
  • Make sure she gets enough rest and on time meals.
  • Don’t force her if she is not ready for sex. Give her sometime to cope up with her own self.
  • Go for a walk for with her. Getting exercise can make a big release in depression.

Remember ladies, this phase too shall pass on. You are not alone in this. Take the help of your beloved ones and try to get out of postpartum depression fast. Motivate yourself, take out time for your hobbies and do what makes you happy. Stay Safe. Stay Happy!