Fourth Month of Pregnancy: Symptoms & Fetal Development

Welcome to the second trimester! The fourth month of pregnancy usually spans between weeks 13 and 16. You will undergo many changes in this period. Now, slowly and steadily you will start feeling more fresh and energetic. So, let’s move on to discuss what’s going on inside you, your baby’s progress and things to take care of during the fourth month of pregnancy.

Fourth months pregnant symptoms

Here are some common symptoms that may wave you hello during this month. However, you may or may not experience all of them. 

  • Weight gain
  • Itchiness around your tummy and breasts
  • Appearance of stretch marks
  • Nasal problems
  • Increased vitality
  • Varicose veins
  • Spider veins
  • Changes in skin pigmentation

At this point, there are relatively few nagging symptoms. Hence, this phase of pregnancy is known as the “honeymoon period”. Many moms-to-be take on decorating, shopping, and any other preparation that requires zeal. 

Changes in your body during the fourth month of pregnancy

The most pretty change is your growing baby bump. Other than a bump, here are a few other changes that you may notice during the fourth month of pregnancy.

Skin Changes: The rising levels of pregnancy hormones may cause blotchy skin in some women. Applying good lotions or moisturizers to your skin may help. 

Breast Changes: With more active blood circulation, the nipples and areola are likely to become darker. Also, the varicose veins may get developed.

Edema: Your feet and ankles may start to swell which will last until your due date. Trying to take long breaks in between and avoid sitting or standing for long periods to help reduce the swelling. If you notice any significant edema on your hands or face, then you should visit your doctor once. 

These symptoms are common during the fourth month of pregnancy so there is no need to worry unnecessarily. 

Your Baby Bump Size

By now, your uterus is about the size of a cabbage. Your growing belly will be a little more obvious by now, and people may start noticing your good news. 

Fetal progress in the fourth month

It’s not just you, but your baby also undergoes certain changes during this month. 

Baby’s Body PartsDevelopment Stage
FaceEars, eyes, nose, hair, and other facial features become more noticeable
SkinThe skin is transparent with visible veins.
LungsStart to mature but not yet functional
HairLanugo covers the body which provides skin protection
FingerprintsBecome unique
Arms and legsCan move
KidneysAre functional

Tracking baby’s movements

The baby tends to move four or more times in an hour during this stage. You may feel these light movements in your lower abdomen. These sweet little movements are known as quickening. You may feel something is bubbling or butterflies fluttering. If you are first time pregnant, then you may feel these movements a bit later as compared to the women who are second or subsequent times pregnant.

Fourth Month Pregnancy To-Do List

Your ultrasound at 20 weeks pregnant: By 20 weeks you are almost halfway through your pregnancy and it’s time for an important scan. Your gynaecologist will suggest an Anatomy scan that will monitor the baby’s physical growth, movements, etc. 

Start shopping for your maternity wear: Even if you need a full-time maternity dress now, you may feel your usual pants a little snug. This signals that it’s time to start browsing for some trendy maternity wear as per your choice. 

Keep your hunger pangs in check: You may experience more strong hunger pangs than you did before, if yes, try to maintain your healthy pregnancy diet. Instead of consuming twice as much, stick to your doctors’ recommendations and include proteins, fiber-rich, calcium foods in your diet. 

The fourth month of pregnancy paves away towards the second trimester. Don’t hesitate to talk to your loved ones about your needs and feelings and erase all the fears collected in your mind. Remember that you have now stepped into the beautiful journey, and your baby is also developing rapidly. Understand that mixed emotions are completely normal at this stage so try to enjoy the journey as you will soon move on towards the fifth month of pregnancy

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