Five Months Pregnant: Symptoms and Fetal Development

Congrats! You have stepped on the fifth ladder of your pregnancy and you’ve made the halfway through your journey. Your baby is in the constant process of development and I do understand that you are eagerly waiting for the arrival of your baby. Your body will keep on undergoing several changes to accommodate your growing baby. Let’s find out what happens in five months pregnant.

Symptoms at 5 months pregnant

Equivalent to your growing tummy, the rest of your body is also changing. Your appetite may be kicking into high action and you may also notice your hair and nails growing longer and faster than ever before. 

When it comes to symptoms, you can expect the following now:


leg cramps

swollen feet and ankles


increased dizziness


back pain

skin changes (darkening of the nipples)

Yes, and there is one more thing: As your tummy expands, you may start noticing the changes to your belly button. If you had an innie button before, it may now turn into an outie button. Similarly, if you had an outie button before it will turn into more outie now. 

Tracking Fetal Development

At this point, your baby is about 6 to 7 inches from crown to rump around 10 ounces and looks just like a small banana. 

Another big news about the baby’s growth is that it is forming its vernix caseosa – the thick, milky covering that protects their skin from the amniotic fluid they’re swimming in 24*7. Lanugo has also started to sprout out i.e., the hair that forms on the bodies of the babies which sheds away quickly after birth. 

Baby is also become agile at this point, learning how to suck its thumb, twist and turn in the uterus, yawn, blink, and react to outside stimuli like loud noises. 

How to track fetal movements?

At some point during this month, you may feel the baby’s fluttering or bubbling in their cosy little uterine home. This is called quickening. Some moms-to-be detect these movements around 18 weeks of pregnancy. If you are a first-time mom, then you may be feeling these sensations a bit later. Be patient and keep on tracking the sensations as all babies are different. 

You don’t officially have to count kicks yet (that starts around 28 weeks), but if you’re worried about your baby’s movements, talk to your doctor. 

5-month checkup

I give special importance to the 5th-month checkup because it examines the entire anatomy of the baby and the mom. During Anatomy Scan, your ultrasound expert will be taking stock of your baby’s body systems, checking everything from accurate spinal positioning to the right number of heart chambers. 

The ultrasound expert will also evaluate the anatomy of the mother, making sure your placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid levels are good. 

Key takeaways

The second trimester of pregnancy is known as the honeymoon period due to some special reasons- it’s your time to dazzle. Try to be active, watch out for those first signs of baby’s movements, and wave hello to your baby at the 20 weeks ultrasound scan.

Get set for the sixth month of pregnancy as you move forward in the pregnancy journey.

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