First month of Pregnancy: Symptoms and Fetal Growth Guide

First month of Pregnancy: Symptoms and Fetal Growth Guide: You might have noticed certain changes in your body and started to ponder: Could I be pregnant?

Or you might have not observed any early pregnancy symptoms except for the missed period. You can perform a pregnancy test at home and schedule a visit to the doctor to get the best possible treatment further.

Your pregnancy test is positive? Congratulations! Now you might start noticing the early pregnancy symptoms more prominently.

1-month preggy: Changes in and out

Embryonic development: After conception, the fertilized egg will travel from fallopian tubes to the womb and attach itself to the uterine lining. The starts dividing itself into a cluster of cells thus entering an embryonic stage. At about 8 weeks, the embryo starts developing the tiny spine and limbs, brain, eyes, and ears.

Changes in your body: When you notice that you are having good news you might react in unexpected ways than before. You may have frequent mood shifts caused by pregnancy hormones. Allow yourself proper rest and food and let your body get through these changes efficiently.

First month Pregnancy Checklist

Get a doctor’s checkup: Head to your Gynac who will determine your status of pregnancy by measuring the presence of pregnancy hormone, HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin). Your doctor will also guide you regarding the list of appointments and medications that you must continue for the next nine months.

Pregnancy Nutrition: Speak to your regarding the proper pregnancy nutrition and vital pregnancy vitamins which are right for you.

Focus on Health: Drop down the dirty habits of smoking or drinking and taking too much stress. You must act responsibly as you have a little resident developing inside you.

Keep your feelings in check: You are now on the journey of emotional ups and downs. Try to take enough rest and speak to your loved ones about what you feel and think.

As early as the first month, it’s vital to ensure that you are consuming the essential nutrients and taking a good rest as you will be soon entering the second-month pregnancy.

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