May 18, 2022, Wednesday

About Me


Hi, I am Priyanka!

The Founder of Pink Bundle

Hey Lovely Ladies, welcome to the journey of knowing yourself and your body better. This blog promises to keep you well informed at all stages of your life. Mark my words!

We women are just like a bundle (a collection of things wrapped together). I know you agree with me (wink). This blog will help you to unwrap each thread of the bundle elegantly and make your lives simpler. Sounds exciting? Keep on reading…

As a Digital Marketer by profession, I already had a love for writing as it allows me to express my feelings freely. This is how I came up with the notion of blogging. (PS: This is how Pink Bundle was born). Apart from being a Digital Marketer, I am also a mom to a 2-year-old tot. (PS: trying to maintain the equilibrium between work, home & baby. Just like you all).

Therefore, Pink Bundle is a platform where I love to unroll the bundle of phases in a women’s life i.e., pregnancy, post-partum, newborn care, women’s health, mental detox, and much more, by jotting down the accurate insights, facts, tips for all the Pretty Pinks (I mean ladies :D). I find blogging as an interesting means of noting, chronicling, and expressing my ideas, experiences, knowledge, inspirations, and daydreams. It has constantly evolved ever since and became a full feministic one!

Still, pondering to know more?


Stay tuned here for a daily dose.

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